The State of House of Worship

As we continue to explore the unchartered waters of this Covid-19 pandemic, audio providers look for new and effective ways to better serve the House of Worship market. We have all faced challenges caused by the current state of social distancing, shelter-in-place, and businesses shutting down. Houses of Worship were among the first that were instructed to not gather in large groups. This has forced everyone in the A/V business from manufacturer to integrator, to improvise and look at different ways to achieve their goals. The encouraging news is that these trying times have created unique ways for A/V companies to assist and offer solutions to our Houses of Worship.

There are an estimated 350,000 to 400,000 HOW buildings in the US alone. Not all have progressive services utilizing audio video, and lights (AVL), but research shows that about half do, and many more are moving in that direction. That represents a sizable vertical market that is looking for solutions. With churches having to close their doors to groups of more than just a handful during this time, I am seeing not only more streaming services than ever before, but also “Park and Preach” or “Drive Up” services. These new worship formats allow opportunities for AVL companies to provide expertise in setting up streaming scenarios for churches, advise on lighting and camera choices, or even helping provide portable PA solutions for congregations that are meeting in their parking lots in cars. I have seen integrators offering free tech support to churches that are either new to the streaming world or building systems for churches that have never taken advantage of streaming before. There are numbers of churches reaching out on social media platforms daily asking for advice as they try to maneuver through the AVL challenges that they are now facing. Especially now, there is an increased awareness of how important AVL is in the HOW environment. This is an opportune time to show how good quality AVL will make a positive impact on a worship service. An investment of time and knowledge made now with these congregations, will remain with them for years to come. Every contact made with a local church could start a relationship that will make you their “go to guy” when they are considering services or products. I am encouraged by the coming together of companies and brands to work towards finding better solutions for our Houses of Worship.

Danley Sound Labs is fortunate in that even in these days of imports being slowed down or halted, our USA made products allow us to continue production and installation. We have OS products in stock and are still being manufactured even during the current situation. Being able to offer short lead times is only one of many great selling points for the Danley line of products, and I anticipate the USA made status to be something that American buyers will be looking for more and more. Our engineers are continuing to develop new products and systems and I foresee that even through these uncertain times, Danley will continue to be a leader in loudspeaker innovation.