Company namesake and popular loudspeaker inventor Tom Danley has earned his reputation both humbly and loudly.  In 2005, with the help of trusted colleagues Mike Hedden and Ivan Beaver, Tom helped launch Danley Sound Labs. His inventive design approach continues to lead in the discovery of creative ways to align loudspeaker components, which optimize performance and enhance audio quality beyond anything that has been heard before. Utilizing patented technologies (Synergy Horn™ and Tapped Horn™) the company immediately began to make major waves within the professional loudspeaker industry.

Over the next few years, the brand grew in presence and popularity and many more unique loudspeakers were added to the line through continued research and development. It soon became apparent the sonic advantages that had been achieved with the Synergy Horn™ needed to be developed for large-scale applications. That research led to the Jericho™ line of large venue loudspeakers, which deliver true full range, reference monitor quality sound reinforcement at extremely high sound pressure levels.  The Jericho line is now the gold standard for the world’s largest stadiums.

Today, Danley Sound Labs offers a line of more than forty loudspeakers. Each has a vast array of applications and offer top of the line sonic qualities that are unrivaled. They can be found in renowned venues around the globe including Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Lambeau Field, The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra’s Powell Hall, Emagine Theaters and thousands more. After years of supporting various cinema projects Danley Sound Labs now introduces a line of loudspeakers dedicated to the cinema industry.  We hope that you will consider being a part of the Danley family and offer your patrons an unforgettable audio experience.


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