The Intimate Movie Theater

The cinematic experience in small theaters is equally as important as that of large theaters. Bringing the speakers closer to the audience can have profound advantages, including less reverberation time and more realistic immersion.


Fine Tuned for Perfection
Danley’s CSH-496 is a perfect match in rooms of smaller size where speaker-to-listener ratios are smaller and where clarity and coherency remain a priority. 
The CSH-496 Synergy Horn 

A unique combination of horn-loaded elements that contribute to its flat phase and frequency response. The CSH-496 can easily be placed on a shelf or flown with minimal hardware additions via our U-Bracket, which can be utilized for tilt applications. 

The CTH-50 Tapped Horn
The subwoofer we recommend for the smaller rooms is the CTH-50. This Tapped Horn™ subwoofer has no rival with regards to output and frequency extension. Low frequency roll off begins at 21 Hz (-3dB) and response continues on down into the mid-teens.

Smaller Box, Bigger Sound

Much of the Danley design criteria is dictated by packing more into a smaller box. Consequently, this makes it easier to combine multiple drivers with minimal or no interference. The CSH-496 is only 15.5 inches deep and has a frequency response of 42 Hz to 26 kHz with a continuous SPL of 124 dB. 


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Screen Channel - The CSH-496

Three Way, Passive

The CSH-496 seamlssly combines the output of all three frequency bands.

4 Transducers

Four transducers working together to produce 124 dB SPL continuously.

18MM Birch

designed with the highest fidelity in mind and is constructed of 18MM Baltic Birch plywood.

Fly Points

Integrated fly points make it easy to suspend and a fly bar is optional for ease of installation.

Subwoofer - The CTH-50


The CTH-50 features one powerful 15" driver in a tapped horn.

Boundary Coupled

A new class of subwoofer that delivers impactful high definition bass.

18MM Birch

designed with the highest fidelity in mind and is constructed of 18MM Baltic Birch plywood.

Surround - The CS-8CX


A fully horn-loaded, coaxial surround, which allows the compact loudspeaker to offer big sound.

Synergy Source

Combines the output of two transducers for perfect phase alignment and clear reproduction.

High-Density PE

Designed with the highest fidelity in mind and is constructed of polythene.

BRacket included

A built-in 20 degree down angle and a wall bracket for seamless install.

AMplifier - The DNA 3K8c


Representing a class leading 3,000 Watts of output capacity.

Digital Processing

A revolutionary leap forward in pure audio processing and amplification

Network Monitor

Ethernet network for system operation and monitoring.

Speaker Presets

Ideal match to the Danley loudspeakers featuring presets for every available product.